Anti-virus tools have been a foundational part of cybersecurity programs for years. For many organizations, they’ve been must-have tools to protect against constant malware attacks. But as cybercriminals have evolved, becoming more organized and more sophisticated, anti-virus tools have been challenged to keep up.

Next-generation endpoint protection solutions have emerged as valuable tools for defending against these attacks. Their ability to report on security incidents in great detail, utilize intelligence about threats worldwide and work effectively with other tools in an organization’s cyberdefences solidify their status as a top security solution.

Context-Aware Security Improves Decision-Making

Context is essential to understanding an event. Who was involved? What took place? When did it happen? Where? What happened beforehand? Every detail is a potential building block to create a clearer understanding.

This need for detail and context is critical in cybersecurity and is a top reason why next-generation endpoint protection tools have become essential to any organization’s security posture. Next-gen endpoint tools provide much greater detail in their reporting than traditional anti-virus solutions.

By drilling down into the specific details of an incident, such as who the target is, what the attacker is trying to exploit and what other kinds of incidents may be taking place, a next-gen endpoint solution can identify the intent of an attack. With this information, an organization can prioritize the mitigation of high-risk vulnerabilities.