Important features of the application…

Sign up very easily

Sign up for free for 60 days. Sign up with name, company name, email phone number. You can sign up online or through the mobile app.

Easy dashboard

Take a look at the dashboard to understand the current state of the business Daily Sales, Profit and Purse News. See the sales account for the last 7 days through the graph. Open any option with one click

Take a look at the product list

Take a look at product name, code, purchase price, sale price, stock, picture at a glance. Add new products easily through Excel Seat.

Create invoices very easily

Create a professional invoice / invoice very easily. Add your company logo, address, phone number and special message to the invoice.

Send quotation to customer

Create quotations for customers, add product descriptions, prices, contact information and send quotations to customers via mail.

Debit and credit vouchers

Receive and deliver payments via debit and credit vouchers. Keep track of any business expenses through vouchers

User creation is very easy

Keep customer, supplier, user information

Required Report

Keep daily, monthly and annual sales, parcels, profit loss, product stock, customer, supplier voucher reports very easily. Daily report auto in email.

Online store / ecommerce site

Create your online store or ecommerce site with one click

Order online

Online order is very easy.

Enjoy the best online accounting inventory software in Bangladesh.

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