Best POS Software in Bangladesh For Your Retail Business

POS Billing Software to manage your entire retail operations. Manage your Retail Stores- sales, inventory, purchases, customers, finances & more easily with Sunshine POS software. Create & Print Professional Invoices & enjoy uninterrupted GST Billing & Return Filing; integrate with Mobile Apps to increase your revenues.

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POS System Features at Glance

How you can easily manage your Retail Store POS Software

Sunshine Best POS Software in Bangladesh empowers you with a complete business solution from billing till return filing for your retail store. It’s the best POS software with sales automation functions, seamless integrations, and mobile accessibility. Sunshine software facilitates increased productivity, better collaborations, and accelerated sales performance.

POS Software Price  Quotation

SN Service Name Price
1 POS Inventory Software (Online Base) 10000 Taka
2 Domain Name Registration & Hosting Server 2000
3 Training (Inside Dhaka: Free, Outside Dhaka: 2500 Taka) 00 Taka
4 Total Payment

In Word ( Twelve Thousand Taka Only)

12000 Taka

Bank Information:

Cash Payment:

Person Sunshine IT Authorized Person

Bank Payment:

Bank Name Account Name Account Number
Dutch-Bangla Bank SUNSHINE 1561100014826
UCB Bank SUNSHINE IT 0172101000008347
Agrani Bank SUNSHINE IT 0200017877222
CITY Bank SUNSHINE IT 1502931462001

Mobile Bank:

Mobile bank Name Account Number
Bkash Personal 01683470965
Bkash Marchand 01714044180
Nagad Personal 01714044180
Best Accounting Inventory software

Term & Condition:

  •  100% Full Payment for Ready Software Setup and Training with Same Day
  • 50% Advance Payment for Work order confirmation
  •   After Sending Payment Please Confirm By Email/SMS/Phone Call
  •   If sending payment by Bank Please send Account Number For Confirmation
  •  If sending payment by mobile banking Please send Transaction id with Account
  •  Online support Time Sunday-Thursday (10 Am to 6 PM) Free By (TeamViewer/Any desk).

After Sales Support:

Support & Maintenance & Training:

  • Unlimited Support over phone, email or live chat, Team Viewer
  • Video/ Online Training: Free
  • Training in SUNSHINE IT: Free


  •       We Provide Maintenance Service After Software Deliver
  •       Monthly Database and Software  Backup
  •       Software Security Test
  •       Ready Software any kind of Bug Solution
  •       Software Performance  test

Note: After Deliver New Features/ Module Development is not Include Maintenance

What is POS Software?

POS Software (POS Software) is a type of business management software where all types of business income and expenses and other matters can be easily kept.
Here the full form of POS is Point Of Sales. POS stands for it is software whose job is to provide transaction and payment information to customers in buying and selling products, goods and services. Its use can be observed in any shop or showroom. All types of data including purchase and sale account, stock, balance account, cost account, profit and loss can be collected through this software. It can be used from anywhere as it can be used online. Business accounting process is hassle free and easy using this software. Besides, many other benefits are available from this software.

A POS software is much more efficient than a cash register. Each POS brand offers multiple levels of service This ensures that small businesses only pay for what they use. But where they are available, you usually have the option to add functions like an integrated website, more powerful marketing tools, gift cards, or custom-branded loyalty apps as your business grows.

Features of POS Software in Bangladesh:

  • You can easily manage your website without any coding or IT knowledge.
  • Using POS software will make your billing process simple and error-free.
  • POS software provides faster service than any other old device.

Advantages of POS Software Bangladesh:

POS software offers many benefits to merchants. Some of its advantages are mentioned:

  1. Previous transactions can be recorded:

As all previous transaction accounts can be saved, the necessary data can be collected from the previous transaction records very easily.

  1. Products can be tracked through:

Tracking of products is very important for delivery work. And this facility is provided by POS software. As a result, you can easily track inventory and invoices. It informs you by giving alerts before the product is out of stock.

  1. All data can be viewed in one snap:

Through this software, all types of information related to sales can be collected through a single snap. Also information is available with detailed description of each item. A record of the amount of products purchased daily is kept in this software. This POS software can easily calculate commission per sale and other information.

  1. Faster than any other device offers:

Other devices only provide the amount and date of sale, but the POS software collects all kinds of data and displays it.
This allows you to create your personal purchase order system to avoid hassles.

  1. Low cost offers many benefits:

POS software is very popular in Bangladesh among merchants for its low cost benefits. Its usage is very easy and hassle free compared to all its benefits. And the cost is also relatively low. Its maintenance and repair cost is much less than other devices.

  1. Can be used anytime:

It is very easy to use anytime anywhere. So even if you go somewhere far away, you can keep all kinds of updates of your business.

  1. General report can be generated:

Through this, daily, weekly, monthly and annual sales reports can be prepared very easily.

  1. Safe Transactions:

POS software provides special benefits in terms of payment. It is also very convenient for the buyers as it has many easy payment options.

After all, POS software in Bangladesh is a very important medium for a business to collect and store all kinds of data. A trader should use such software after considering its functions, advantages.

With us you will get friendly customer support.

Frequently Asked Questions

A point of sale billing software performs its tasks every time a sale happens.

A POS tool can make your business run smoothly from creating an invoice, updating inventory numbers, and managing cash flow. A point of sale software is a great addition to all retail businesses as it makes the sales billing as smooth as it can get. Further, Sunshine can automate various processes like calculating totals and adding each item’s details, including prices and names.

A good Point of Sales software includes a computer, cash drawer, weighing scale, receipt printer, customer display screen, barcode scanner, debit/credit card reader& may be a touch-screen technology for ease of use. All-in-one POS Software save valuable counter space for the retailer. The POS software simplifies the retail functions as sales, returns, exchanges, gift cards, customer reward programs, discounts, offers, loyalty points and much more. A POS also lets you deal in multiple currency& multiple mode of payments. Using a POS terminal is tremendously time-saving & efficient as compared to working with using alternatives different software to manage different business operations.

For retail businesses, saving time on invoicing is a critical aspect of pleasing customers. No one likes to wait in queues to get billed, and thus by employing retail POS software in your business, you can avoid long lines. You can set up the inventory details beforehand to not mention each item’s details again and again. You can keep an automatic data backup tool.

It will help you overcome data loss without worrying. Further, by using the Sunshine App, you can have multiple POS tools deployed in your store so that the long queues can be divided efficiently.

The cost of a POS depends on the complexity, quantity and requirement of the number of users of the software and hardware.